AAOE Peer Review FAQs

Let us help you gain a deeper understanding of the AAOE Peer Review Program and the experience of becoming Peer Reviewed in the musculoskeletal industry. Read through frequently asked questions and contact us for further answers.


What is the AAOE Peer Review Program?

The AAOE Peer Review program is our process for carefully evaluating vendors of orthopedic products, services and solutions to provide them with close connections to members and to provide our members with trusted vendors close by/upfront.

Does AAOE endorse the Peer Reviewed practice management solutions?

The AAOE Peer Review process is a means for identifying orthopaedic healthcare business solutions for members’ considerations. AAOE does not rank or compare business solutions against one another and there are no exclusive partnerships.

What does the Peer Review process specifically evaluate?

To obtain Peer Reviewed status, all healthcare business solutions must first meet initial criteria:

  • Credibility – Does the company offer a high-quality business solution that adds value to AAOE members and their organizations?
  • Fit – Is the solution an appropriate fit for the needs of AAOE’s members and customers and do the values of your company align with the values of AAOE’s members?
  • Strong market performance and other pertinent considerations.

Once accepted to proceed through the process, the review and evaluation criteria will assess the following:

  • Effectiveness – Does it improve a process or productivity?
  • Quality and usability – Is the company known for integrity?
  • Accuracy and reliability – Does the product or service draw on practical industry knowledge and experience?
  • Value – Is value commensurate with the price? Are the values implicit in the product or service compatible with AAOE values?
  • Customer service and technical support – Do you address customer’s needs quickly and effectively?
    What are AAOE's values and the code of ethics that buisinesses must align with?

    We exist to elevate the musculoskeletal profession so we believe that the values of any company deserving of our Peer Reviewed status must align with the values to which we subscribe. Those values include:

    • Hungry for excellence
    • Operate with Integrity
    • Embrace an Entrepreneurial Spirit
    • Remain Humbly Confident
    • Embrace Fanatical Consistency

    In addition to ensuring that our values align, we ask all of our Peer Reviewed participants to adhere to a simple code of ethics as it pertains to the interactions you have with our members:

    1. Help First: Ensure that your messaging is intended to help first by offering results-oriented value inherent in the message. Ideally, our members should learn something new each time they hear from you.
    2. Respect Boundaries: Avoid resorting to predatory or spam-like tactics and if they opt-out of an offering, be respectful of their wishes.
        What are the steps in the Peer Review process?
        How long does the process take?

        The duration of the process depends on the panelists’ feedback, so it can vary depending on how fast the panelists respond to the survey questions and demonstrations.

        What kinds of business solutions are eligible for Peer Review?

        All categories of healthcare business solutions that are used in the musculoskeletal practice management workplace are currently under consideration.

        What are the fees and cost involved?

        There are no application fees to go through a Peer Review program. Once a business successfully passes all stages of the process, a license agreement is entered into that legally allows for the business to use and promote their status with the Peer Review marks and logos. The license agreement does have a financial fee, which is paid to AAOE, allowing AAOE to support this program.

        For more information on the Peer Review Program, email info@aaoe.net.

        AAOE Peer Review Program

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