The Process

A company that provides orthopedic and musculoskeletal solutions seeking Peer Reviewed status is welcomed to participate in the AAOE Peer Review process as follows.


AAOE Peer Review Program

1. Submit Your Application and Agreement


Fill out an application that will determine if you are qualified to proceed through the process. Our Peer Review team will review your application to assess if you are an appropriate fit with the needs of AAOE members and the values of AAOE.

2. Provide Supporting Materials


Once your application is approved, you’ll be asked to supply supporting information. This step includes:


a. Providing a list of current and prospective customers that will be asked to participate in an online evaluation.

b. Suggesting relevant expertise to guide AAOE in selecting members as panelists to provide an objective evaluation.

c. An attorney reaching out to your company to discuss compliance overview and pertinant legal issues pertaining to your musculoskeletal business solution.

3. Review and Evaluation


Reviewers (including customers, prospects, non-purchasers, and panelists) participate in the online evaluation of your healthcare business solutions for:

Enhanced productivity for the individuals user and customer’s organization

Ease of installation and use

Accuracy and reliability

Good value for the price

Excellent technical support and customer service

Results of the evaluation will produce a weighted score chart based on the Peer Review criteria and determine which musculoskeletal business solutions have earned the designation of Peer Review status.

4. Notified of Peer Review Status

AAOE will notify your company of the outcome and share anonymous feedback collected during the process.

If approved, the terms for licensing and marketing opportunities are finalized.

Your company will inform customers and may place the AAOE Peer-Reviewed mark on various materials.

5. Interim Assessment

18 months into the agreement, current customers that have been using your business solution for at least 6 months are surveyed to assess the ongoing value of your Peer-Reviewed business solution to AAOE’s members and ensure that it continues to fulfill the Peer Review criteria, as listed below.


  • Provides a return on investment; can improve productivity or process effectiveness; meets its promoted benefits; and is accurate, effective, and easy-to-use.
  • Offers superior customer service and technical support of the product or service.
  • Delivers excellent customer relations to effectively and efficiently resolve customer issues as they relate to the product or service under consideration
  • Based on practical industry knowledge and proven experience
  • Maintain a reputation of integrity in the healthcare field



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Note: This outline assumes that the musculoskeletal business solution meets the criteria of each step in the process. At any point in the process, AAOE may conclude this process if the musculoskeletal business solution does not meet AAOEs criteria.